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- 58km, +3570m Trail running race(race time limit: 14hours)
- Individual: Man/Woman 1st~3rd, 1st of each age category will be awarded.
- Team of 3: 3 people need to be run together and finish time for each team member should not differ by more than 10 minutes.

- 27km, +1660m Traul running race(race time limit: 7hours)
- individual:Man/Woman 1st~3rd will be awarded.

- 10km, +500m Easy and fun trail running for all family and beginners. (race time limit: 3hours)
- individual: a runner must be at least 15 years old. (Parents consent need for minor age)
- University team: team members must be at least 10 students from same university attending.

Kids Race - Open for 4-12years old Kids
- 4-6years old: Dreamers (400m)
- 7-9years old: Challengers (800m)
- 11-13years old: Fighters (1.5km)